Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 1- Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Hi Everyone.
Today is the second meeting for telecommunication and networking class. I'm glad to have Dr. Dayang as our lecturer for this subject. So far, Dr. Dayang explains on the individual assignment and also on group assignment. Regarding to the individual assignment, I need to develop a blog and that is what I'm doing right now. As for group assignment, I need to prepare a critical analysis report of networking setup of a school or organisation.

Week 1( notes)

Introduction To Telecommunications

What is communication?

The imparting, conveying or exchange of thoughts, messages,ideas, knowledge or information by sign and sounds like speech, signals, writing or behavior.

What is Telecommunications?

Communication over a long distance. (Tele = Far off)

Telecommunications refers to the transfer of data, communications from a transmitter to a receiver across a distance.

However, there are six important elements of communication technology:
  1. People
  2. Procedure
  3. Data or Information
  4. Hardware
  5. Software
  6. Communication or Connectivity
My opinion:

It is not a deny that communication is very important for example in an organisation. Dr. Dayang already gave a few examples and explained on certain issues regarding to this matter. In addition, the developing in technology and networking create bigger challenges to the young generation to place themselves in these areas. It is depending on individuals on how they want to develop or gain knowledge in these areas since the facilities are not becoming the main problem anymore. As for me, it is good to have an extra knowledge on technologies and networking since I am a teacher-to-be. InsyAllah. It will benefit me in the future especially on how to conduct my class. That is all for today's class.

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